Store Open

05/15/2020 00:00 EDT to 06/15/2020 23:59 EDT



With our current situation, many businesses are struggling to stay open or worrying about reopening after this is over. To help - G&G Silkscreen has set up this online store to support the local businesses within our community that need your support. With the purchase of a t-shirt you will be making a matching donation that will go directly to the local business of your choice.

With your help, we can keep Plymouth going Together.

How do I help?:

There is a matching donation added on when you checkout with the purchase of a shirt. So a $10 shirt will have a $10 donation added on in the cart. The donation amount is untouched and 100% of the donation will go directly do the business of your choosing.


If you would like to donate directly to a business without the purchase of a T-shirt you can donate here in increments of $25. All proceeds will go to the business you choose. The extra $0.88 is to cover the credit card fees so we're able to donate 100% of the proceeds.